Music was my first love, and it will be the last (John Miles)


James Williams - All That

James Williams – The Head of Music at Voice Aid Association

In late summer 2018, Astrid Arens – The Voice, international speaker & business expert, approached him about the idea of founding a charity organization, the Voice Aid Association, to conquer the world with music and to inspire for more humanity and environmental protection. Said done – he said yes directly and became vice chairman of the Voice Aid Association, alongside Regino Hawich – vice chairman, Michelle Marie Shockley – cashier and Astrid Arens – chairwoman.

He is Head of Music at Voice Aid and despite his worldwide success James has remained a very down-to-earth guy. Always interested in life with an open ear for his friends.

“We’re always glad to make people happy with our music.”

That is his message, which fills him and which he lives 150% of the time.

A very special person, an exceptional talent, a thoroughbred musician, a cosmopolitan who unites Germany and the USA in a special way. He lives relationship and is proud of his German-American origin.

Voice Aid Association – for the sake of mankind and the planet