Popup: Fode


Fodé has his family roots in Guinea Conakry. He grew up in the middle of Berlin, in an environment of social hotspots, and began to engage in music 15 years ago.

Fodé wants to touch people’s souls with his intense thematic songs. To change the world to a better place is his motivation.

As a German-speaking RnB and soul singer, his catchy songs deal with topics such as love and justice as well as the call for personal development and the courage to lead a self-determined life. They deal with the belief in one’s own goals and desires and encourage to think about oneself and the interpersonal togetherness.

Having even made a quite difficult path through life, Fodé derives his previous experiences in a special way typical for him in his songwork. With a firm belief in the good in man, Fodé calls for action.

As one of the voices and faces of the Voice Aid project, Fodé has international reach and would like to show by way of example that anything is possible if you only really want it and believe in yourself.

In the context of this worldwide charity project he and many other protagonists initiate a sustainable voice for the change of the world.

For the sake of people and the planet, Voice Aid initiates and supports regional and worldwide aid projects for the conservation of the environment, nature and species protection as well as for free personal development and humanity.

Together with renowned artists and world stars as well as other previously unknown talents, Fodé gives his voice to Voice Aid.

“We are one”