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Lori Glori

Lori Glori

Lori Ham was the youngest of four children. Her father Clarence Ham was an ex-marine and worked as a chef. He was also a deacon of the Bayview Baptist Church in San Francisco, where the Ham family lived. Lori’s mother Deloris Ham was manager of a donut shop. Her two older sisters Denise and Angela, along with a third singer and a band consisting of a drummer, a bassist and a guitarist, formed the Bayview Specials, a figurehead of the church. When Lori sang in front of her sisters for the first time at the age of ten, they changed the third singer without further ado. The sisters’ trio then became known in the Christian scene, performing in churches and concerts. A little later they took part in a talent competition as newcomers “Ham Sisters”. Thus they were engaged as background singers for Tower of Power. For unexplained reasons Denise gave it up a little later. The “Ham Sisters” no longer existed.

Shortly afterwards Ham was discovered as a singer by Bill Summers & Summers Heat and joined the band. She toured the USA with the band. On February 12, 1981 she gave birth to her first son from her ex-boyfriend. They lived together with Ham’s parents. A little later she got engaged to Bill Summers. She separated from him after the following German tour and stayed in Germany to start a solo career there. But after she missed a tour with Jennifer Rush, she lost the chance for a solo album and moved back to the US.

On June 20, 1987, she gave birth to a daughter.

Ham again got a tour offer from Germany and got to know Joe Hölzel, the owner of the transport company, which was responsible for the technical equipment. She married him with a child and moved with him to Hannover. She released the song My Body & Soul and shortly afterwards became lead singer of the band Intermission. So she entered the charts several times with the songs Give Peace a Chance and Six Days.

Next she went on the same tour that DJ BoBo was on. Intermission was his opening act, but a little later DJ BoBo discovered her voice and recorded 16 songs with her, which he bought from her for 10.000 €. But Lori Glori was never seen at a DJ BoBo gig. DJ BoBo’s wife Nancy always moves her lips to Lory’s voice. This was the subject of years of litigation, which was decided in DJ BoBo’s favor. She moved to San Francisco with her husband and three children, but went to Amsterdam for a tour. As her marriage was in crisis, she left her husband shortly afterwards with their son.

In the prison in San Diego she found her way back to God and started singing again. She wrote the song Show Me the Way straight from the heart. After two years in prison, she moved back to her parents. Until 2012 Lori Glori lived near Basel in Switzerland and taught voice training, rhythm training, stage show tips and interviews.