Popup: Mal Williams

Rev. Mal Williams

Mal Williams was born on 07.11.1961 in Greene County, North Carolina. Already as a young boy he discovered his fondness for music by singing in a church of his hometown for many years. In 1975 Mal Williams started studying music at the high school of Snow Hill, N.C.
Two years later he had his first success as a background singer and trumpeter. In 1979 he completed his music and singing studies. Afterwards he worked together with many great musicians. This year he received the “Honor-Music Award”. In 1989 Mal Williams won the 1st place at the nationwide “Radio City Award” and recorded his first album “I will prise him”. The album brought him great television and radio successes. He reached the 3rd place of the USA Gospel Charts with his songs. In this year he received the award for the “best contemporary singer of the USA”.
In 1995 he founded the “UNITED FELLOWSHIP ASSEMBLY” in the state of North Carolina. Jesus Christ is at the center of this church, which is characterized by gospel music.
Mal Williams is not only a Reverend, he also works as a professional singing teacher, and he masters ten different instruments.

He spends a lot of time with his 60 person United Victory Gospel Choir. In the past years, the choir has toured the USA several times with Mal in the lead. He also fascinated people in cities like New York and Los Angeles. He also worked together with the “Gospel Hall of Farne”. In 1998, 27 successful concerts took place in Germany within 20 days, attracting 40,000 visitors. In the summer of 1999, Rev. Mal Williams held a service at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall. The concerts Mal gives with his choir are church services for him, he tells and explains the Bible with his songs. The special thing about his music is the deep relation to God and the vision to proclaim faith through gospel music. The philosophy of this man’s life can be clearly felt during a gospel concert, to serve the will of God, his family and his fellow human beings.