Popup: No Mercy

Corazón Y Cojones (No Mercy)

No Mercy is a trio of American singers who were originally brought together in Germany by producer Frank Farian. The group consists of Bronx-born Marty Cintron and twin brothers Ariel and Gabriel Hernández, who hailed from Miami.

In 1995 the group released their single “Missing” which was a cover version of Everything but the Girl’s 1994 hit. No Mercy released their debut album My Promise on October 21, 1996.My Promise was the original title chosen by the trio’s German record company, Hansa, BMG. The album was released in the U.S. only a week later under the self title No Mercy on October 29, 1996.The album, however, was released in most areas of the world with its original title My Promise, including Australia where it received two times platinum sales accreditation. My Promise which became a top-5 album in countries like Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland,produced two internationally popular singles, including “Where Do You Go” and “When I Die”, the first being a cover of La Bouche’s “Where Do You Go” from 1994. This was followed by the single “Please Don’t Go”, which entered the top 5 in Austria and the U.K.[7][8] The trio released a re-worked version of the band Exile’s number one song from 1978, “Kiss You All Over”, which was a moderate success on the charts but still managed to enter the top 20 in Austria, the Netherlands and the UK.

No Mercy’s second album, More, which was released in Germany on October 12, 1998, included singles such as “Hello How Are You”, “More than a Feeling” (originally recorded by Boston) and “Tu Amor” (originally by Jon B., and later covered also by RBD). Although More wasn’t as successful as its predecessor, it still managed to achieve success in the GSA region (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), peaking at No.7, No.9, No.9 respectively.