Popup: Robell Parker

Robell Parker

Robell started singing at the age of 14, he started singing songs from his favorite artist such as Michael Jackson, Brian Mcknight, BoyzIIMen etc when he was in high school. Later he started singing on open mic nights for new talents where he received an incredible amount of praise and positive feedback.

By the age of fifteen, a close friend introduced him to Mr. Sheng a known producer and to DJ Pete who was one of the most known and leading Deejays in Europe. Both fell in love with the Kids charm and his outstanding voice immediately… a production team was born. Very soon Robell started writing and producing his own songs influenced by the music he loved.

A couple of months later Robell had a solid package of songs which he performed in Clubs and Radio Stations all over Europe. As one of a few artist, he received so much love that even the biggest Radio-Dj’s would play his songs, without him even being signed to a record label. But as predicted by his team in the same year, Robell signed his first recording deal and worked on more songs.

At the point where he could have taken his music career to the next level, Robell got dragged out of the music industry by his family to focus on school and college, which he completed very well. All this time Robell didn’t feel complete, so it was only normal that he kept making music and wrote songs for projects and for other artists such as international known Artist, DJ, and Producer “Tujamo” and many more.

Currently, Robell is working non-stop in the recording studio for his new Album and on production collaborations due to release in mid-2019.